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Take only photographs, leave only footprints

Sumatra EcoVentures is unique because we not only offer responsible trekking in the Gunung Leuser National Park, but specialize in taking guests trekking to less explored areas and forests. In doing this, we are revealing other fascinating vulnerable environments, helping to protect threatened areas of forests by working with local people and therefore supporting local communities.

Jungle trekking in Bukit Lawang can be an amazing experience and people from all over the world come to view the many ex-captive Sumatran Orangutans in their natural habitat, but we are concerned about the impact this is having on the forest environment and the Orangutans. The well-walked trails are only a small section of the Gunung Leuser National Park (GLNP) which is resonably well protected due to tourism. However, there are many places in and bordering the GLNP which are not located far from Bukit Lawang, that are just as beautiful, rich in biodiversity and still untouched by mass tourism. The difference is these forests are not protected. These areas are vulnerable to deforestation, hunting and illegal activities. By offering trekking in these areas, we can use local people as guides who are extremely knowledgeable, along with our selected certified guides in Bukit Lawang, thus developing community based tourism.

We are concerned about our impact on the environment so we only ever take small groups (less than 6 people) into the GLNP and less than 3 guests to other areas of forest. This also helps relieve the number of tourists entering the jungle in Bukit Lawang. Bringing guests to these other places helps supports the local community and gives the local people an incentive to not cut down the trees for mono-culture agriculture. We can then also work towards sustainable tourism in these areas. 10% of our jungle trekking profits goes towards projects in these areas or towards buying and planting trees.

Want to experience both? Then why not join Combo 2 Day Eco-Trek, which combine the classic jungle trek with trekking in less visited forests to see wild Orangutans

Please take a look at the variety of trekking options we offer and the different locations. We understand that it can be difficult to know what trek is best, so send us an email or drop us an message as we can offer custom made treks

We cater for all ages, families, couples and individuals and any fitness capability by offering the best trekking option for you.


You can be assured that our team of guides are all knowldgeable, have good English and are certified by the Indonesian Tourist Guide Assosiation.


Treks from Bukit Lawang

The trails are well established and walked, but it is reasonably easy to spot animals, such as ex-captive orangutans, thomas-leaf monkeys and macaque monkeys as they are habituated to the presence of humans. The area is mountainous so involves some up and downhill treks. During high season, the main trails in the jungle can be very busy and visitors are likely to see large groups watching just one orangutan. 


1/2 day trek

Starter Jungle Trek

A short highlight of the jungle and some of the animals within it. A great experience and suited for anyone on limited time. 

Duration: 3-4 hours

Fitness level: Low

€ 35


1 day trek

Welcome Jungle Trek

A full day to explore the jungle and observe the wildlife with rafting back. Amazing experience for anyone short on time or doesn't want to stay in the jungle.

Duration: 6 hours

Fitness Level: Low - Average

€ 45


2 day trek

Overnight Jungle Trek

Most popular trek! Experience camping in the jungle and go deeper into the Leuser National Park. Suitable for anyone or families with good fitness

Duration: 30 hours

Fitness: Average  

€ 80

Siamang chilling

3 days trek

Jungle Explorer

Explore the jungle deeper with hikes up and down the mountains. Chance to see more of the flora and fauna. Good fitness needed....

€ 110

Duration: 3 days

Fitness level: Above average

jungle-6 day trek.JPG

4 or 5 days trek

Jungle Adventure

Go deep in the jungle for a truly amazing experience. Observe the really wild animals , explore rivers and waterfalls

€155 - 200

Duration: 4 - days

Fitness level: Above average/high

Some pics of the jungle & the camp

Bukit Lawang - Kutacane trek

True Jungle Experience

Explore diverse habitat, hike over montains, walk through rivers. Immerse youself and just the jungle and its wildlife


Duration: 7 days

Fitness level: Very High

Eco - Treks from Landak River

Trek in the hidden fragmented forests near to Landak River in search of wild orangutans. With no established trails, explore the huge towering rocks formations and cave systems for a really wild experience. We only allow 3 guests or less during one trek as the wild orangutans are not used to large group presence and we want to restrict our impact. This area is scarce of tourists, peaceful and sits alongside the beautiful Landak River

1/2 day Eco-Trek

Welcome Eco-Trek

Trek through different habitats with huge rocks whilst searching for wild orangutans and other animals. Learn about the local plants & trees. Finish by relaxing & swim in the river

Duration: 4 hours

Fitness level: Low

IDR 350,000


1 day Eco-trek

Discover Wild Orangutan Trek

A full day trekking through hidden forests & through rock formations searching for wild animals. No established trails, wild and pure serenity and relaxation by the river

Duration: 6-7 hours

Fitness level: Average/good

IDR 600,000


2 day Eco- trek

Camp Overnight

Enjoy the beauty of the hidden forests by camping under the rocks. Trek through differents habitats searching for wildlife for a real wild experience

Duration: 30 hours

Fitness level: Average/good


IDR enquire

Combo 2 Day Treks

Rather than just see whats in the jungle, why not combine a jungle trek with a trek in a different rainforest environment?

" Get the best of both worlds"

Then >

Enjoy the classic jungle trek to see ex-captive orangutans

Treks at Batu Katak

Flower Trek

A short drive to Batak Katak and a trek in less explored forests to see the amazing Rafflesia or Titum Arum, known as the 'corpse flower'


IDR 650,000

Duration: 4 -5 hours

Fitness level: low to average

Gibbon Trek

See the agile gibbons at Batu Katak. Trek through less explored forests and maybe even see some wild orangutans as well as othe interesting wildlife.


IDR 600,000

Duration: 8-9 hours

Fitness level: Average/good

Water Cave Trek

In Batu Katak, trek to see the spectacular water cave, walk through ankle-high water, spot insects and hear bats clcik. Then tube raft back


IDR 800,000

Duration: 6-7 hours

Fitness level: Average/good

Booking and Fees


We offer online booking for our trekking which can be done by clicking on the book now buttons or click here. We ask that guests pay a deposit, especially for the longer treks. Booking is recommended during high season June – September so not to be disappointed and are guaranteed a certified guide. Jungle trekking (Bukit Lawang) prices are based on a minimum of three people, however if you’re an individual you can still book, but if there are not are others to join on the day specified you will have to pay for two persons. Prices for other trekking are based on two persons. Our prices are inline with what the Guide Association has set. (Note: Guests may be offered cheaper prices, but be weary as this could mean unlicensed or unexperienced guide)!

National Park Permit and Registration fees

The official entrance for the Gunung Leuser National Park is 150,000 rupiah per day for foreigners and 20,000 rupiah for Indonesians. These fees were set across the whole of Indonesia for National Parks. The entrance fee is for entering the park and goes directly to the park authorities. In Bukit Lawang, it is requested that 150,000 rp is paid per trek (not per day) meaning this reduces the cost for longer treks. It is also requested that we register (only 20,000 rupiah p/p) our guests with the HPI Guide Assosiation before trekking. This allows the park authorities to keep track of the number of visitors entering the jungle and protects you if there is an accident or get lost in the jungle.

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