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Sumatran Orangutan looking through the forest

Observe Orangutans

Unforgetable Rainforest trekking to see Orangutans


Experience the breathtaking rainforest and wildlife with our unique trips 

Sumatra EcoVentures is an ethical organisation. When joining our local guides you are also investing in the local communtities.
We are a unique organisation as we not only provide responsible trekking in the amazing  
Gunung Leuser National Park, but also specialize in taking guests on eco-treks to less explored areas and forests. 
We are revealing other enchanting vulnerable environments to our guests. Helping to protect threatened areas of forests by working with local people and supporting local communities.


Responsible Trekking in Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang is a great place to start your jungle experience of the Gunung Leuser National Park. The trails are well established and it is reasonably easy to see ex-captive Orangutans lively freely, Thomas-leaf Monkeys, Macaque monkeys and other wildlife. Go deeper into the jungle to see wild orangutans, hornbills and other interesting wildlife.


The jungle is mountainous so involves uphill and downhill hikes. However, all our treks are suitable for anyone which is fit and healthy. 

We've highlighted our most popular jungle treks below.

1 day trek

Welcome Jungle Trek

A full day to explore the jungle and observe the wildlife with rafting back. For anyone short on time or doesn't want to stay overnight in the jungle.

Duration: 6 hours

Fitness Level: Low - Average


Rp 1,170,000


2 day trek

Overnight Jungle Trek

Experience camping in the jungle and go deeper into the Leuser National Park. Suitable for anyone or families with good fitness

Duration: 30 hours

Fitness: Average  


Rp 2,000,000


3 Days Trek

Jungle Explorer

Explore the jungle deeper with hikes up and down the mountains. Chance to see more of the flora and fauna and wild orangutans.

Duration: 50 hours

Fitness: Average  


Rp 2,850,000


Our most popular trek

Community-based tourism - support & interact with local people, learn, discover about the myths & legends of the landscape.

Your money stays within the community paying fair salaries, paying local landowners and services


2 Day Combo Discover trek

Discover the hidden forests at Landak River

Eco trek into the hidden Karst forests, rich in biodiversity with a small population of wild Sumatran Orangutans. No established trails, untouched by mass tourism. Explore the huge towering rocks formations and cave systems for a really wild experience. 

2 day Eco- trek

Camp Overnight

Take in the beauty of the hidden forests fully by camping under the rocks. Different habitats, forests, plantations, caves,wildlife, rivers for a real wild experience

Duration: 30 hours

Fitness level: Average/good


£ enquire

Half day Eco-Trek

Welcome Eco-Trek

A short trek to discover the hidden forests, towering rock formations whilst searching for wild Orangutans.

Duration: 4 hours

Fitness level: Low


Rp 350,000

1 day Eco-trek

Discover Wild Orangutan Trek

A full day trek to discover the hidden forests, rock formations and cave systems. Wild orangutans, monkeys, bats and interesting footprints

Duration: 6-7 hours

Fitness level: Average/good


Rp 750,000

What People Say

Customer Rating:


2 Day Combo Trek, Sept, 2022

We can’t recommend Sumatra EcoVentures enough! They are helpful, knowledgable, and environmentally responsible.  Heri and Putra were extremely knowledgeable about the animals and plants of the forest. Throughout the hike, they prioritized protecting the animals that we were viewing.

Sarah, American

2 Separate Day treks, May 2023
with a baby

We managed to trek with our 8 month old baby, and it was absolutely fantastic! The team were mindful of what we could and couldn’t do and adjusted the itinerary accordingly. 

Maryam, English

4 Day Jungle Trek, February 2020

 It was an absolutely incredible experience and one I will cherish forever. The trek itself was impeccably organized and the guides were fantastic. The wildlife was astonishing....

Niki, Ireland

Batu Katak Adventures
Discover the ecotourism destination, home to one of the largest flowers in the world, Titum arumAmorphophallus titanum. Gibbons can be seen in the local karst forest.


Flower Trek

Explore the Karst forests to see the corpse flower, the amazing Rafflesia or Titum Arum flower.Learn about these intersting flowers.

Duration: 4 -5 hours

Fitness level: low to average


Rp 600,000


Gibbon Trek

Watch the agile Gibbons in the karst forest. Trek through less explored forests and maybe even see some wild orangutans as well as othe interesting wildlife.

Duration: 8-9 hours

Fitness level: Average/good


Rp 600,000

Guest entering water cave-Batu katak.jpg

Water Cave Trek

Discover the Karst forest and wonder at the amazing rock formations.  Enter the spectacular water cave, spot the insects and hear bats click that live within. 

Duration: 6-7 hours

Fitness level: Average/good


Rp 1,350,000


rangers walking up river bank

Ranger Patrol Trek

Unique opportunity to join the rangers for the monthly patrol trek. Trek, eat and sleep like they do and learn about what they are doing.

Duration: 5 - 7  days

Fitness level: low to average


Rp various
Guests walking with Elephants Tangkahan.jpeg

Walk with Elephants

Unique experience to see the rescued Elephants at Tangkahan walking in the jungle with their mahouts. Watch them forage for food and enjoy their time in the river.

Duration: 3 hours

Fitness level: Low


Rp 1,500,000
night trek catching a frog.jpg

Night Treks

Join our Ipul 'snake man' for an evening of herping, searching for all things that come out at night.

Duration: 3 - 4 hours

Fitness level: Average


Rp 350,000

Bird Watching Tour

The areas surrounding the national park offer more than just Orangutans! There is a huge diversity of birds to been seen. Join us to explore the buffer zone areas and spot the beautiful array of birds.

Duration: 4 -6 hours

Fitness Level: Low


IDR 600,000

rock scrambling batu kapal

Adventure Trek

Join us for an adventure! Go where few others have been. Discover the bat cave with its three caverns, then on to explore the huge towering rocks and caves systems around Landak river

Duration: 7 -8 hours

Fitness Level: Low / Moderate


IDR 725,000



We understand that it can be difficult to know what trek is best, so send us an email or drop us an message so we can offer the most suitable trek for you. 

If travelling with more than 6 people, please contact us! We will find a suitable solution. 

Whatever your perfect trek we have it covered!

Why Travel with Us?

Responsible Travel

Don't just come, travel and see, help make positive changes

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How we Help

By working with the local community we can make small changes

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