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Eco - Farming

Interested in local agriculturre & organic farming? These tours bring you to two local Eco-Farms which are trying to change they way people farm for a better future 

Things To Do

Things To Do

Things To Do

Things To Do

Eco farms Tour

Local Eco Farming Tour

Food is essential and part of our culture. Join us in our efforts to teach people about where their food comes from.

There are two eco-farms located near Bukit Lawang.

One is owned and ran by an inspirational local lady called Erna, Erna's Eco-Farm. and community garden. She focuses on growing orgnanic fruit trees and organic vegetables. At the community garden, the focus is on composting. 


The other is a larger eco-farm growing organic vegetables. It has educational centre ran by a local organisation called PPHL Bahorok. PPHL is a non-profit organisation providing environmental education and nature conservation.  


Both Erna and PPHL want to develop public awareness, both locally and internationally of enviornmental issues of current farming and educate on sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation.


What is Eco-Farming?

Eco-Farming is a way of cultivating agriculture that has respect for nature and biodiversity. Its emphasis is to produce organic healthy fruit and vegetables whilst protect the soil and water. It does not comtaminate the water source or the environement with pesticides and insecticides

Small Plant

"Food is only as the soil in which it grows in" 

- Anne Gibson

Lets embark on eco farm tour, a journey through villages and passing rice paddies. Hop on a bicycle or tuktuk and learn about local agricultural practies. Stroll through the eco farm and see a wide variety of tropical fruits, like mango, banana, rambutan and tomatoes.  

This tour will open up your horizon on organic farming while enjoying green & fresh scenes in a healthy environment. 

Jump on a bicycle or tuk-tuk and leave Bukit Lawang around 9am passing throuh the village of Gotong Royong.


  • First stop: Erna's Community Garden to meet Erna. She will show you around the community garden and compost house. You will learn about what plants are being grown and the compost project. Have a go at shredding some wood or plants.

  • Just down the road is Erna's Eco-Farm. Stroll through the rice paddies and pass small houses before entering.

  • Have a tour of the farm, learn about all the amazing tropical fruits. Learn about why Erna went organic. 

  • Enjoy a fresh young coconut or a fresh passionfruit drink

Get back on the bicycle or tuktuk to the next ecofarm. Pass fishing pool, rice paddies and small agricultue farms, learning about whats being grown.

Next Stop: PPHL Eco Farm

  • Meet Mira a young lady working at the farm who speaks good English

  • Entering PPHL Eco-Farm you will see the huge poles of Bamboo. Mira will explain the process of treating the bamboo before taking you into the farm.

  • Walk through the farm, learning about the different plants, vegetables, fruits and spices growing.

  • Join in with harvesting or planting

  • Learn about how they make Bio-gas from cow dung

  • Enjoy a healthy snack and drink majic flower tea


Cost: IDR 500,000

Start Time: 9am

Duration: 4 hours

Included: Transport, guide, donation to eco-farms, herbal tea, coconut drink 

Group Size: 1 - 4 (minimum 2)



Volunteering at Erna's helps support the great work Erna is doing. Whether its a day or you have one week spare, Erna is happy for the help. 


Visitors and guests will get to see what her farms are producing and how they are helping the local commnunity. 

Please Note:

These Eco-farms can be visited separately if your short on time. A visit to the PPHL Eco-farm can be combined with the Eco-walking tour which is given by Mira so she can take you to the farm after the walking tour.


As mentioned above Erna runs her farm alone and is always looking for help. If you think this is something that interests you, please enquire here. Erna also offers cooking classes which includes a visit to her farm.


A visit to either of these farms can be included in the Village Tour as this tour passes both these places. Please enquire here

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