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Welcome to Sumatra EcoVentures

When people dream of travelling in Indonesia, many ponder about the island of Bali or Flores for the giants of Komodo. However, Sumatra is often left forgotten, but the wilds of Sumatra will tempt and lure people who seek adventure like nowhere else.

Sumatra is the largest fully-Indonesian island, known for its vast tropical forests, unqiue wildlife and smoking volcanoes that is accessible to inquisitive travellers. All of these can be found in North Sumatra along with Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake in the world. A spectacular sight to be seen and explored.

All our treks and tours have everything you need for a stress-free trip. North Sumatra has it all, whatever adventure or holiday you are looking for, we have a trip, trek or tour to suit you. 

Small Groups

Small Groups

We believe that small groups give the best experience. It allows for a good social vibe but not to cramp anyones style - as it is your holiday! Our maxium group size for trekking in the Gunung Lesuer National Park is 6 people. This allows us to keep you safe and the wildlife safe. It will maximise our encounters with wildlife and most importantly reduce our impact on the environment.

Our treks and tours to remote areas, we keep the group size to 3 persons. This is to protect the delicately balanced environment and the wildlife within it. 

Travelling Solo?

No problem!

Many of our guests are travelling alone, this is a great chance to connect with other people. You can join a couple, group or family - one thing you all have in common is that you wish to make the most of every moment. 

Prefer to go alone, we offer great prices. Our guides are friendly, certified and take good care of you.

Whether you join a group or go solo, at the end you will surely have developed friendships

Travelling Solo?
Customizable Tours

Customizable Tours

We know what is can be like travelling as part of a tour, restricted to activities and places. Thats why we give you the ability to tailor a tour to your specific needs. With a wide range of day activities and short tours to add-on to any tour. Or you tell want to want and we will put an intinerary together for you. Whether you join one of our tours or a specific tailor-made tour, there's always plenty to see and do. 

We highly recommend that you book your must-do activities, accommodation preferences and tour in advance, especially during the high season so you are not disappointed.

Unique Eco Treks & Adventures


Sumatra EcoVentures has created unique eco-treks and activities aligned with our core beliefs of sustainablility and green tourism. These are off the beaten path, small scale, and unlike trekking in the National Park in Bukit Lawang you won't find our eco treks elsewhere on the internet. These experiences are something special bringing you closer to nature, traditions and local people.

The local people are the guides - they're the ones with the local knowledge! By joining an eco trek you are directly helping the local people and just as important, helping to preserve these traditions and delicate environments from being destroyed.

Unique Treks & Tours


We have partnered with several gueshouses in Bukit Lawang to give you the best choice in accommodation. Ranging from budget to luxury choices to suit everyones needs. 

All our tours in North Sumatra include accommodation - we organise for you to stay in accommodation according to your preferences. All the guesthouses/hotels we book for you are what we recommend and we have personally stayed or visited - giving you peace of mind.

** Coming Soon **

Our own luxury eco homestay and yoga resort. Read more in our projects.

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