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Patrol Trek

This is a special trek where to join the Rangers for their monthly patrol in the Gunung Leuser National Park. 

Opportunity to be part of their team and learn about their important work.



Patrol Trek

Join the Rangers for one of their monthly patrol treks

On this special trek you will become part of the ranger patrol team for one of their monthly 5 day trek in the Gunung Lesuer National Park.


The aim of the patrol is to disarm animal traps and snares, check camera traps, take photos and monitor the borders of the national park. See parts of the jungle which few other visitors would get to see and learn about what the rangers do and their stories of years going deep into the jungle.

Experience the jungle not as a tourist but as a Ranger!

By joining this patrol trek you are not only contributing to the protection of the rainforest but also to the hard work of the Rangers.

Is this trek suitable for you?

  • ​A strong sense of adventure

  • Have no expectations, as you will be following what the Rangers are doing

  • Happy for very basic living conditions and basic food

  • Want to learn about what the Rangers do and hear about their stories

  • The climate is hot and humid most of the year. During the rainy season (October - February) it can be wet in the jungle, meaning there are more leeches and possible more mosquitoes. But by wearing long socks and insect repellant usually keeps these at bay. It can also be slippy in the jungle, but a good pair of trainers or boots should be adequate.

  • There are prickly plants and poisonous stinging plants in the jungle, but by wearing long leaves top and long trousers will help to prevent getting scratched or pricked

Before Your Trip

Is this trek Suitable

The Rangers program is to patrol the national park and its borders for illlegal logging, animal traps/snares, replacing batteries in camera traps, taking photos and collecting GPS data. To do this, they patrol different areas of the jungle depending on what information they've received or what needs to be done.

Some of the patrols are along the border of the national park so they follow the river mainly,
meaning you may have a lot of river crossings. The patrol may go deeper into the national park, meaning more moutainous and wild. Be prepared to cross big and small rivers and hike up and down mountains. 

Take the time to watch what the rangers are doing, always ask if you can help and get involved in their important work.


COST: from Rp 5,000,000 

DURATION: 5 -7 days

START: depending

FITNESS LEVEL: Moderate to High

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Rangers as guides

Permit Fee and Registration Fee

All food whilst trekking

Simple camp with mattress

  • The patrol trek will either start walking from Bukit Lawang or you will take a short ride by car or motorbike to a different entry point of the national park.

  • You will briefed about the patrol entails and what is expected from you.

  • Depending on the patrol, you may walk for 2-3 hours or 6-7 hours, stopping for lunch or a break.

  • Patrols which go deeper in the national park may come into Elephant territory, so keep a look out for Elephant dung or if you're lucky you may see one!

  • During the patrol you may see wild Orangutans, Gibbons, Hornbills, Turtles/Tortoise, interesting fungi, butterflies, insects and birds.

  • The rangers will set up camp every afternoon with bamboo sticks and tarpaulin. It's a chance to help out and learn some survival skills! Search for wood to cook dinner on.

  • Dinner will be basic. This may be just noodles or you may have to go find soemthing for dinner like pakis (ferns), young bamboo shoots or go fishing and cook it for dinner. 

  • Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available.

  • If you're feeling brave, you can maybe explore the area at night with the ranger. A chance to spot a Sunbear or Sloe Loris.


This patrol trek is a special trek. It not designed to fit any expectations, as it happens whether you join or not. It is not for tourists, it is for travellers wanting something different and to learn about what the rangers job is. 

We ask that you follow the Rangers instructions and rules. We also ask that you carry your own thin yoga/mattress mat and your own blanket or sleeping bag as the rangers are already carrying equipment, camp stuff and food.

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