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Cooking Over Campfire

Overnight Treks

Experience nature at its finest with us! Our camping and jungle tours offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of Sumatra's natural environment. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!


Overnight treks

Overnight Treks

Experience the jungle in one of the richest tropical forests 

On these ethical overnight treks, you will get to explore a little deeper. Learn about the abundant plant life and wildlife. Camp by a river, swim, relax and gaze at the stars above you whilst listening to the jungle sounds.


We not only offer the standard treks in the Gunung Leuser National Park but have our own unique combo eco-treks that combines jungle trekking with trekking in less explored fragmented rainforest near Landak River to observe truly wild Orangutans.


Take a look below!

Why you'll love an overnight trek
  • You will trek deeper into the national park and explore more of the jungle

  • Likely to see more species of animals

  • Learn more about the local plant life and animals

  • Camp by a river where you can swim and relax on the bank

  • Get to know your guides, play cards, sing and be amused by their jungle magic

  • Enjoy dinner cooked over an open fire 

  • Sleep with sounds of the jungle
Is this trek suitable for you?
  • A reasonable level of fitness is needed as there are quite steep uphill and downhill climbs
  • Suitable for solo, couples or friends and families
  • For anyone looking to spend a night in a rainforest environment
Why you'll love these treks
Is this trek suitable for you?
A woman walking on a bridge in the forest

Sumatra EcoVentures offers unique overnight treks - no other company offer these types of experiences.

We work hard to make it happen and you would be directly helping the local people and preserving the forests. Have a look below and get in touch to start planning your next great adventure!

Combo 2 Days Discover Eco-Trek
Different locations & different ecosystems "Best of Both Worlds"

1 day/1 night in the jungle & 1 day eco-trek in hidden fragmented forest near Landak River

This is now our most popular trek!

Day 1: The day will begin entering the jungle of the Gunung Leuser National Park

  • Hike up & downhill established trails, with plenty of rest points.

  • Search for Orangutans and other wildlife.

  • Enjoy lunch at the top of the mountain with good viewpoints.

  • Arrive at camp by a small river around 4pm. Here you can swim, relax, eat dinner cooked from an open fire and get to know your guides.

Day 2: Landak River

  • Enjoy breakfast then pack your stuff up. You will walk down Landak River with views of the mountains - plenty of butterflies and birds to see

  • Arriving at a rubber plantation, there a short hike up a small ridge. It's common to see Thomas-leaf monkeys chilling in the rubber trees.

  • Trek down to the hidden forest & towering limestones rocks. This part of the trek can be strenuous, clambering over, down and beside the rocks.

  • Your local guide will try to spot wild orangutans in the tree. Be quiet, take photos and watch the true behaviour of these magical animals.

  • Wild orchids, medicinal plants, animal footprints, many birds and butterflies can also be seen

  • Eat lunch under the rocks or make your way to the river

  • If your still feeling energetic after lunch, you can continue your eco-tour to Batu Kapal to explore the cave systems and rocks, or just head back to Bukit Lawang.

Note: This trek can be reversed if you want to include rafting. So the trek would start at Landak River and end in the National Park with rafting back.

Combo 2 Days Discover trek


COST: Rp 1,900,000 (minimum 2 persons)

DURATION: 2 full days

START: 8-9 am

GROUP SIZE:   1 - 3 people



Permit and registration fee


Certified Guides and local guide for 2nd day

Camp and camp equipment

Lunch x 2, dinner x 1, breakfast x 1. Seasonal fruit

Rafting if chosen

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The wild orangutans living in the fragmented forests around Batu Kapal are wild, they are not as used to tourists, like the ones in Bukit Lawang. Chances of seeing them is not a 100%, but if you are lucky enough to see one then it is something very special. Respect these Orangutans by being quiet and discrete. 

These overnight Combo Discover Eco-treks are part of our Eco Sustainable Program and you can learn more about the hidden fragmented forest here. 

We also offer 1/2 days and 1 day eco-treks to see this amazing place.

2 day Jungle Trek - overnight jungle experience

This is the popular classic jungle trek. You will explore more of the jungle than the 1-day trek.


Day 1. Enter the Gunung Leuser National Park

  • Trek the well-established trails, hiking up and down the mountains

  • Search for ex-captive Orangutans and other wildlife

  • Likely to see; the Great Argus, White-handed Gibbons, Thomas-leaf monkeys, long-tailed macaque, maybe a Siamang.

  • Visit a large damar tree and other interesting spots in the jungle. You will also get to see different trees, lots of fungi and plants.

  • Have lunch at the top of the mountain, take a rest and take in the jungle surroundings.

  • Continue trekking through the jungle reaching a high point before the downhill climb towards the river and camp. Arriving around 3-4pm.

  • Enjoy drinking tea/coffee, biscuits and chilling. Swim, wash in the river before having dinner. Evening will be spent with your guides playing cards, singing, and being bemused by their jungle magic


Day 2: Have a relaxing morning by the river and enjoy a simple breakfast.

  • Trek towards a waterfall. Hornbills are often spotted here. Jump in or just relax

  • Explore the area, walk along the bank then enjoy lunch at camp

  • Get ready for your 'jungle taxi' back to the village

2 Days Jungle Trek


COST: IDR 2,000,000 (based on 2 people)

DURATION: 2 days

START: 9 am

GROUP SIZE:   1 - 6 people



Permit and registration fee


Certified Guides

Camp and camp equipment

Lunch x 2, dinner x 1, breakfast x 1. Seasonal fruit

Rafting back

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