Hands in the Soil

Impact Sustainable Plan

Our commitment to helping conserve the Gunung Leuser National Park, bordering forests, wildlife and people

Our Impact Plan

How we make this happen


Our impact plan aims to demonstrate that sustainable travel 


As part of our Eco-Sustainable Program, we aim to develop relationships with these people and work with the community to develop sustainable eco-treks and tours which cause the least amount of impact to the area. A balance must be found between the enviromnent, economic growth and social-cultural preservation which then benefits all. 

We are commited to bringing tourists to these more rural areas, away from the mass crowds. To promote responisble travel and educate local people about sustainable tourism practices and nature conservation. By training local people, we give them an alternative income by preserving their environment rather than destroying it for oil palm. 

Our commitment is to provide our guests with the best possible service, by meeting all your needs, giving you an real authentic experience whilst supporting local communities.

Our Eco Sustainable Program


We offer Eco-treks in nearby secondary forests where wild orangutans live, using local people as guides, thus giving them an income and a reason to protect the remaining forests 

Our jungles trek are responsible treks, our guides do not feed orangutans, keep their distance and do not leave litter 

We use and employ local people in the areas where we offer treks, thereby supporting them and giving them an income


We aim to search for new areas bordering the national park, educate the local people and offer treks or tours in these areas, developing community based sustainable tourism.


To develop more Eco-treks in other areas bordering the National Park, working alongside local people for a sustainable future for nature and human

To actively promote and encourage tourist to visit local handi-craft shops and businesses to support the local people


We offer and actively promote other actvities in and around Bukit Lawang so we and visitors are supporting local livelihood and giving back to the local economy​

We are involved with the ROAR project: to reduce and actively recycle. Working towards reducing single-use plastic in Bukit Lawang and want to start recycling and upcycling projects with the local community as a way of income


We are working alongside Bukit Lawang Care Community in Bukit Lawang, helping to clean Bukit Lawang and initiate recycling in all the guesthouse and rubbish collection.

We support a local eco-farm and offer eco-tours to visit the farm and learn about local organic farming and permaculture

10 % of our jungle trekking and tour profits go towards our projects, or buying trees, or other local conservation/environmental projects

With a special interest in Sumatra Orangutans, we aim to start a research project to understand how a small population of orangtuans survive in a human-dominated environment.

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