Travel Alerts

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Travel Alerts

At Sumatra EcoVentures, the safety of our guests and staff is top priority 

As a tour operator, we pride ourselves on health and safety. So travelling responsibly is the root of our trekking and tours. Before all of our treks, we make sure that you are a healthy and not showing cold/flu symptoms. In light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak, it is our duty to monitor world events closely.

Sumatra EcoVentures makes any decisions on treks and tours in North Sumatra based on information and advice on several sources. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you have any up coming travel plans or are travelling to Indonesia in the next couple of weeks, its likely you have questions about the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) may have on these. To help you understand if it may, or not affect your travels plans, below we have listed the travel advisories for Indonesia and specifically Sumatra. However, we recommend that you consult your own government health advisory for more information if you are travelling from your own country.


We have also listed some useful common questions with answers, as well information on bookings, cancellations and refunds due to the Coronavirus.

It is our priority to protect the safety and wellbeing of our staff and guests. We will be updating this page as regularly as possible to keep you informed on the current situation.


 Last updated: 11.12 11th July 2020


Travel Advisories

As we are an Indonesian owned organisation, we will follow the security status of the Indonesia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. If the govenment change the status to 'Do Not Travel', we will not take anymore bookings. For canellations or refunds, see below.




Curent Security Status

Red alert  - state of emergency

As of now, a large number of cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) have been confirmed in Indonesia. See links below for more information.

Indonesian Ministry of Health

World Health Organisation

Government of the Republic of Indonesia would be implementing the following measures in order to minimize the risk from the Wuhan Coronavirus

1| All foreigners are temporarily prohibited from entering Indonesia, except for

- foreigners that hold a temperart permit stay (KITAS) or permament stay (KITAP) visa

- foreigners hold a diplomatic visa

- medical, food or humaritarian workers

- the crew of means transport

2 | The aforementioned above can enter Indonesia by these following requirements:

  1. Provide a COVID-19 Free Health Certificate with a non-reactive Rapid test result or negative PCR/Swab test result

  2. Not have come from a COVID-19 affected country within the last 14 days from their date of arrival to Indonesia.

  3. Any passenger who is unable to provide a Health Certificate with a negative PCR/Swab test result must sign a statement letter of willingness to be quarantined and carry out a PCR test upon arrival in Indonesia.

 3| All foreigners/travelers who wish to visit Indonesia must obtain a visa from Indonesian missions in accordance with the purpose of their visit. Upon submission, applicants must provide health certificates issued by relevant health authorities from their respective countries.


Further information on restrictions, extensions of visa can be found here.

Air Asia Indonesia domestic and International flights

AirAsia is now operating again in Indonesia, but they have several travel requirements in which to board the plane. Visit AirAsia site to read more about the regulations for foreign nationals.

North Sumatra

2,197 Confirmed cases in North Sumatra


Kualanamu immigration office in Medan has rejected 7 foreigners, including from China (5), South Korea (1), and Italy (1).

May 3, 2020

Langkat is one of several regencies in North Sumatra that have been categorized as “green zones”, or safe areas, amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Langkat COVID-19 rapid response task force spokesman Muhammad Arifin Sinaga said no confirmed cases had been recorded in the regency so far.

June, 2020

Bukit Lawang is closed to outside travellers and tourists. It is only open to people from the Langkat area.

July 2020

Bukit Lawang is open to local tourists. Foreign tourists within Indonesia are allowed to travel and are allowed into Bukit Lawang. Make sure your visa is valid. 

The Gunung Leuser National Park is still closed to visitors, but we are happy to take guest and visitors on our unique eco-treks in the hidden forests near Landak River. We will be checking your COVID-19 PCR health certificates and making sure you are fit to trek.


If your travelling in the next few days or weeks, we strongly advise you to check your local advisory advice and information. Most countries provide their own travel advice and advice travelling to Indonesia.


See below for links to some of the larger countries:

As a traveller, you are bound to have questions concerning how Coronavirus is affecting our trips. Below are some of the questions which you are likely to ask.


Bookings and Cancellations


As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has developed across SE Asia and the world, affecting all travel plans, we have started a Booking and Cancellation conditions. We are hoping that this will help you to plan or change any travel plans to Sumatra. These new policies will start from 15th March 2020. Please see below.


New bookings for treks, packages and tours

All new bookings will have to pay a non-refundable deposit for a booking to be confirmed. The rest of the payment for the trip will be paid in cash when you arrive, unless a long tour is being booked.

Cancellation by you

1. If you cancel 21 days or more before your trip, we will keep hold of your deposit and hold it as credit towards another trip up until September 2021

2. If you cancel 1 or less week before your trip we will keep your deposit. This is to cover unrecoverable costs.


Cancellation by us

if we have to cancel your trip, you can choose:

1. If you have paid a deposit, we will hold this on record and it can be used as credit to a future trip in Sumatra. Or

2. You can receive a refund of your deposit, but will keep 5% for any unrecoverable costs.

3. If you have booked a tour and paid 50% deposit toward the balance, we will refund 40% and keep 10% for any unrecoverable costs.


Unrecoverable Costs

- the coronavirus has now been declared a pandemic which means that there could be unavoidable travel disruptions, airline cancellations and a possible lock downs in Sumarta or throughout Indonesia. If this then happens and your trip as to be cancelled then we will suffer from unrecoverable costs from guesthouse bookings, transport etc. As a small company, we urge you to not change your travel plans or cancel any bookings in North Sumatra. If you are really concerned then please message us directly so we can dicusss rescheduling for another time once this pandemic has passed.

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