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Choose your own trip

We offer many different type of treks and in different locations as well as many day activities. Why not customise your own trip to include the things that you are interested in?!

Customise you own North Sumatra Adventure

Don't want to be tied to a set package or tour?

.... at Sumatra EcoVentures we allow you to put together your own itinerary. Or tell us what you would like to do, your interests and time scale and we can suggest an itinerary for you.


We offer a large range of treks, day trips and activities in various locations, some of which are not offered on other websites! We offer everything from jungle treks, eco-treks, amazing waterfalls tours, incredible caves cave systems tours to village tours, cultural activities and local school visits.

All our treks and tours are with a certified, english speaking guide and includes the necessary permits. Our guides will take good care of you during your trip, answering any questions about the local environment and culture.  All our treks and tour start in either Bukit Lawang, Tangkahan or Batu Katak

Take a look at the many different treks, day activities and day tours we offer in the various places. Some of these day activities and tours are only a fews hours or just half a day so can easily be fitted in even if your on a tight schedule. The day activities and village tours are offered to get you closer to the real Sumatran culture and by supporting these it helps to keep them alive.

Bukit Lawang
Classic jungle treks in the Gunung Leuser National and Eco-treks. Click on each for more information
1/2 day or 1 day jungle trek
1/2 day or 1 day Eco-trek 
Overnight jungle trek
3-6 days jungle trekking
Combo Explorer Eco-Trek
Day Activities & Tour
Here is a list of all the activities that we offer. Click on the name for more information
Handi-craft Workshops
Cooking classes
Village Tours
Eco-walking Tour
Eco- Farm Tour
Handi-craft walking tour
Bat Cave & Ship Rock
Ship Rock & Waterfall Trek
Market Visit (friday & Sunday)
Market and School visit
School visit with pack for purpose program
Tree Planting (coming soon)
Landak River & Batu Kapal
Adventure Eco-trek
Nature Eco-Trek
Click HERE for more information
Batu Katak
1/2 day Corpse Flower Trek
1/2 or 1 day Gibbon Trek
1/2 day Gibbon Trek and tubing
1 day Water cave Trek 
Click HERE for more information
Bat Cave & Water Fun
Waterfalls & Tubing
2 day Goat Cave trek
Walking with Elephants
Click HERE for more information
Pamah Semilir
Rumah Pohon Habitat and Yo's Hill
Kolam abadi & Tongkat Waterfall Trek
Jodoh Waterfall Trek
Lau Kulap
Click HERE for more information

Customise my Trip, Tour or Adventure

We understand that everyone has different preferences, different abiltities and different interests. Tell us about your requirements, interests and must sees and we will help you plan your perfect holiday with an itinierary that suits you. Please sumit your ideas and will contact as soon as we can.

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How we Help

By working with the local community we can make small changes

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