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Village Tours

Get up close to locals and village life 

These day trips are a way to see and explore local villages, local life, nature and wildlife outside touristic Bukit Lawang 

Things To Do

Things To Do

Village Tours

Delve in to the lives of local people

Village tours are a great way to explore the local area, see the daily lives of local people and learn about the local culture. 

We have a local tour to suit everyone.


Enjoy the hustle and bustle of a local market or see the rice paddies and traditional farming practices. See how local food products are made. Give something back and visit a local school and give out fruits to the local children.

These tours will introduce you to places that you would otherwise might not see and will give you a chance to talk to local people and see what their daily lives involve.


Our tours are unique to give our guests the best authenic experience. These coincide with our Impact Plan with the aim of developing community tourism that sustains the local people without damaging the environment

Villages Tour

Village Tour


Half day village tour by the Indonesian taxi, called a 'becak' (motobike+side car) or by motorbike to discover the local villages, culture and traditions in the surrounding areas of Bukit Lawang.

What you will see:

  • Meet a lady which sells traditional noodles and cakes

  • Learn how Tempeh is made and have a go at wrapping it

  • See vast fields of rice paddies

  • See rubber, oil palm & cacao plantations

  • Learn how Tofu is made

  • See how raw red palm sugar is produced

 Do ask questions! You may also get a chance to have a go! 

Your tour will take you through some rural local villages, stopping at points of interest. You will really get to see how local people live and see traditional houses. Your driver will explain everything along the way and translate anything you want to ask the local's.


During the trip you will take a break to drink a refreshing young coconut juice. 


COST: from Rp 450,000 (min. 2 persons)

DURATION: 3 - 4 hours

START: 9am

INCLUSIVE: Motorbike or becak ride, guide, entry fees, cake samples, young coconut drink

Village Walking Tour

Walking Tour


Join a local lady to discover the local village. These ladies have incredibly knowledgeable about local plants, trees and wildlife. You will learn about the most interesting things.


The tour

  • walk along the irrigation canals with traditional dwellings

  • See and learn about small scale agriculture - oil palm, rubber, cacao plantations 

  • Walk through rice paddies

  • Enjoy a local lunch at a traditional house - simple vegetarian dish, fruit & young coconut

  • Engage with the local ladies in the village


You will learn about the plants, local agriculture and the different ethnic tribes.


During this walk, you will get views of the mountains of the Leuser National Park and amazing countryside. 


* you can choose to walk back or catch a becak into Bukit Lawang.

NOTE: this can be combined with a visit to the PPHL eco-farm in the afternoon


COST: from Rp 450,000

DURATION: 3 - 4 hours

START: 9am or 1pm

INCLUSIVE: Female guide, simple lunch, young coconut drink

Market and School Visit

Market & School Tour



Enjoy markets.....Why not combine a trip to the market and then bring fruits to a local school for the kids

On Friday there is a local big market *, selling everything from fruit & vegetables to fish, snacks and clothes. Learn about all the local fruits, vegetables and spices. Take a look at the traditional clothes on sale or even trawl through some 2nd hand clothes.

Feel like a snack or breakfast.... well there's plenty for sale: Traditional cakes, crispy tofu, crisy fried banana or try the traditional coconut drink Cendol.

After having a look around with your guide, choose some seasonal fruits to bring to the Bukit Lawang Trust for 'Fruity Fridays'. You will meet the local children and have a chance to play with them and see what they are learning. Then you will give out the prepared fruit, a healthy treat for the children.


* There is also a small market everyday so if you wish to do this another day, it is still possible


COST: from Rp 250,000

DURATION: 2 - 3 hours

START: 9am

INCLUSIVE: Guide, becak ride, fruits for the children

Ready to delve into village life and fully engage with local people and traditions. Help us to keep these traditions alive for future generations.

Let us help you make the most out of your trip.

Why Travel with Us?

Responsible Travel

Don't just come, travel and see, help make positive changes

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How we Help

By working with the local community we can make small changes

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