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Village Tours

Get up close to locals and village life 

These day trips are a way to see and explore local villages, local life, nature and wildlife outside touristic Bukit Lawang 

Village tours are a great way to explore the local area, see the daily lives of local people and learn about the local culture 

We have a local tour to suit everyone....

Enjoy the hustle and bustle of a local market, or see the traditional farming practices and rice paddies and see how local food products are made. Visit a local school and give out fruits to the local children or walk through Bukit Lawang to see the local handi-crafts and trades.

These tours will introduce you to places that you would otherwise might not see and will give you a chance to talk to local people and see what their daily lives involve.


Our tours are unique to give our guests the best authenic experience. These coincide with our Eco-sustainable Program with the aim of developing tourism that sustains the local people without damaging the environment. 


We offer a range of different tours, either going by traditional taxi 'becak' which is a motorbike with a covered side car or by motorbike. If you prefer walking then join a more local walking Eco-tour. These tours can be enjoyed if you have a spare morning or afternoon.

By joining one of these tours, you are directly helping local people. The cost of these tours goes straight to the local people.

This half day village tour is by the Indonesian taxi, called a 'becak' (motobike+side car) or by motorbike to discover the local villages, culture and traditions in the surrounding areas of Bukit Lawang.


Along the way, you will stop to look at the vast fields of rice paddies, fish farms and small scale rubber and oil palm plantations. Your driver will stop at all the interesting points so you can take photos. Do ask questions! You will visit and get to observe how red palm sugar is produced and see the production of Tofu. You may also get a chance to have a go! 

Your tour will then take you through some rural local villages, stopping at points of interest. You will really get to see how local people live and see traditional houses. Your driver will explain everything along the way and translate anything you want to ask the local's.


During the trip you will take a break to drink a refreshing young coconut juice. 

Villages Tour

Cost: IDR 350,000

Duration:  4 hours

Start: 9am

Group Size: 2 - 4 (minimum 2)

Included: becak & driver, young coconut, donation to each place


* we encourage our guests to support the local people and buy the products their selling 

This half day village tour will get you up and close to the local people and be able join in with their activities.


You will travel by local taxi called a 'Becak' or by motobike (if solo). First stop will be in the local village Perumahan to visit 'Mama Sam' who sells noodles and traditional cakes... perfect chance to try some local snacks! After, you will also visit a local home to see how Tempe is made and even have a go at wrapping it in a banana leaf.


The tour then takes you to the next village, Gotong Royong, stopping and walking through rice paddies to visit local ladies working in the paddies. If your up for getting a bit muddy, then you can try your hand at planting or harvesting some rice.


The tour continues through the local villages passing small-scale agriculture, like cacao, rubber, oil palm and fish farms. Along the way, you'll stop to drink fresh coconut. Next stop, see how tofu is made in a local home, ask questions and maybe have a go.


The tour then brings you through rural villages, passing simple dwellings and seeing how local people really live. The tour will finish with lunch at a local warung over-looking the river or in the village.

Up Close Village Tour

Cost: IDR 500,000

Duration:  6 hours

Start: 8.30am

Group Size: 1 - 4 (minimum 2)

Included: transport, guide, young coconut, local lunch, donation to each place

Tour Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

* we encourage our guests to support the local people and buy the products their selling 

Join a lovely lady called Mira for this walking Eco village Tour. Mira is a local young lady who used to teach in the local Education Centre, so she speaks amazing English. Having grown up in the local village, she is incredibly knowledgeable about local plants, trees and wildlife. She will be able to tell you the most interesting things, especially the changes shes seen over the years, such as the introduction of plastic!    


Mira will either pick you up at your hotel, or we will take you to a meeting point. Your walk will start alongside the irrigation canals, taking you past small dwellings and small agricultural land. You will learn about the plants, local agriculture and the different ethnic tribes.


During this walk, you will get views of the mountains of the Leuser National Park and amazing countryside. Walk past and through cacao plantations and rice paddies, seeing local people working the land, before stopping at her auntie's house for lunch. Here you will see a really basic house, made of traditional resources with the more recent concrete houses around.


Lunch will be a simple vegetation dish with crackers, fruit and a refreshing young coconut drink. After lunch you will continue your walk to the next settlement, walking through small palm oil plantation before finishing at house where a Batak lady weaves sarongs the traditional way. Watch this amazing technique and even have a go. After this, you can choose to walk back or catch a becak or bus into Bukit Lawang.

NOTE: You can combine this morning tour with a visit to the PPHL Eco-Farm afterwards

Eco Walking Village Tour

Cost: IDR 350,000

Duration:  4 hours

Start: 9am

Group Size: 2 - 4 (minimum 2)

Included: guide, local lunch and coconut water


* we encourage our guests to support the local people and buy the products their selling 

This tour is part of our Eco-Sustainable Program, developing tours for our guest which support the local people

Join this short tour to see the amazing arts, crafts and trades local people make and sell. Most of which is sourced from natural resources. See how creative people have had to become to make a living.

The walk will start in Bukit Lawang, first stopping at the Reclaimed Wood Carving Workshop. You will see the guys carving wood, using just hand tools. Sit and watch, ask questions and have a look at the many items on display.


Next stop will be at Bagoes cocount shop, where Bodong makes pendants & earrings out of cocount. Sit and watch the delicate work to make these items. We will walk along the path to a couple of guys painting pictures of orangutans and other animals. Their paintings are truly magical and beautiful to watch whilst they are painting them.


We will then walk into the local village to a friendly lady who makes furniture, plates, bowls and other items out of Bamboo. Watch Sukma work and weave the bamboo into beautiful items. Our last stop will be to see how tempe is made in a local house. These ladies make tempe everyday to sell at the market and local shops. Watch the process and maybe even have a go at putting it into banana leaf.

* If your interested in learning more about these crafts and actually having a go, then check out the workshops that these guys offer. Click here for more information

Walking Handi-craft Tour

Cost: IDR 100,000

Duration:  2 hours

Start: 9am - 2pm

Group Size: any

Included: guide

we encourage our guests to support the local people and buy a little souvenir from the places we visit.

This tour is part of our Eco-Sustainable Program, developing tours for our guest which support the local people

Enjoy markets? Combine a trip to the market and bring fruits to a local school!

On Friday there is a local big market *, selling everything from fruit & vegetables to fish, snacks and clothes. Learn about all the local fruits, vegetables and spices. Take a look at the traditional clothes on sale or even trawl through some 2nd hand clothes.

Feel like a snack or breakfast.... well there's plenty for sale: Traditional cakes, crispy tofu, crisy fried banana or try the traditional coconut drink Cendol.

After having a look around with your guide, you will buy some seasonal fruits and walk (or get a becak) to the local English Education Centre. You will meet the local children and have a chance to play with them and see what they are learning. Then you will give out the prepared fruit for their 'Fruity Friday' program.


* There is also a small market everyday so if you wish to do this another day, it is still possible

Market & School Tour

Cost: IDR 200,000

Duration:  2 hours

Start: 8.30am - 12pm

Group Size: 2 +

Included: guide, fruits for children

This tour is part of our Eco-Sustainable Program, developing tours for our guest which support the local people







If you are interested in any of these tours please contact us here. We need to book these tours at least a few days before the day planned. We need to notify the becak driver and make sure that all the activities are happening. 

Package Options: Any of these tours can be added to any of our Tour Packages