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Jungle Day Treks


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Workshops are a meaningful way to experience local traditions and cultures

Our workshop offers a unique travel experience through local trade, sustainability, and fun activities for the whole family. We strive to provide a positive, sustainable experience that is both educational and fun, so that everyone can learn more about the places they visit.
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Day Activities


A great way to immerse yourself in local tradtions

Our workshops are designed to be educational and enjoyable, while also helping to support local businesses and communities. With these workshops, you can discover the traditions and cultures of each place and make meaningful connections with local artisans. Whether it's learning about local craftsmanship or trying out traditional recipes, our workshops are an enjoyable and meaningful way to experience the world.

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Duration: 1/2 day or full day

Included: Wood, use of tools, english speaking carver, water


1/2 day: IDR 250,000

Full Day: IDR 500,000

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Wood Carving 

Always wanted to learn how to carve wood? ...... activity for the kids?

Then come join the guys, Bambang and Ipan at Reclaimed Wood Carving for either a half day or full day training workshop. They only collect wood from the river and never cut down trees for their carvings. Some of the wood they find can up a few hundred years old. The can be hard so carving can sometimes be a  bit tricky.

The team will help you decide what to carve, start with a number, a name, a shape or just a letter.... keep it simple!

They will find some suitable wood and help you draw it, then teach you the basic of how to carve. You will learn about the different tools, how to sand and treat the wood. The best thing is you get to keep what you've carved! ... if its not quite finished the team will happily finish it for you so you have a finshed carving to take home

Bamboo Workshop

Duration: 2 - 5 hours

Included: Bamboo, tools, teacher, english speaking assistant, water

Cost: from IDR 200,000 - 500,000

Learn how to make accessories or some kitchen utensils out of bamboo. Learn with the lovely Sukma who owns a small bamboo workshop and business in perumahan, a small village above Bukit Lawang. The family makes furniture, lampshades, baskets, jewellery all out of bamboo.

During the workshop you will get to see Sukma work and you will learn how to weave some simple accessories, like a ring, a hand held fan, or something for the hair. Once shown, you will be left to createf


If there is something that you have in mind which you would like to make, such as a water cup, then I'm sure Sukma will be happy to show how to make it. Some things may take longer to make than others so if you decide to make something more complex then you may need to come back the next day to finish it. The best part, once its finished you will be able to take it with you.

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Coconut Carving

Duration: 2 - 5 hours

Included: Coconut shell, tools, electric tools, teacher, water


Ever though you could make a necklace pendant out of coconut?.... At Coconut sompel anything is possible!

Bodong and has a small shop and workshop in Bukit Lawang. He makes amazing necklace pendants, earrings which are carefully carved. He is very creative and is happy to take requests. He has made rings and earrings using beautiful shells and bone.

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