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About Us

Sumatra EcoVentures was formed in 2016 by an English-Indonesian partnership by two people with very different backgrounds. Louise is qualified in Conservation Ecology and has much experience in project management and Orangutan field research. Whilst Heri is an experienced certified trekking and tour guide with local knowledge in North Sumatra.  

As a tour operator, Sumatra EcoVentures provides ethically responsible jungle trekking and specialise in unique Eco-treks. We can plan customised, eco-friendly, multi-activity packages and tours in North Sumatra. We offer many type of treks and tours of all levels, from easy nature walks, caves, water cayoning to jungle and mountainous jungle treks. The majority of our treks, tours or adventure holidays are suitable for most avid travellers or families. 

The majority of our treks and tours are in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Gunung Leuser National Park

We encourage you to look at all our activities as we are happy to customize a package or tour which is suitable to you, to give you the most memorial eco-friendly trip in North Sumatra!

 As a new company, we aim to build a solid reputation for responsible eco-travel. 

Sumatra EcoVentures is not your standard travel operator. We formed with the intention of being a social enterprise to benefit co-workers, local communities, the environment and culture.


We work with passionate certified guides and local guides. These guises are experienced but have little education and often lack an understanding of the issues surrounding tourism. We continuously support and educate them to improve their guiding and be more responsible guides.

Our first priority is your health & safety, which is what we pride ourselves in. Our guides follow the Gunung Leuser National Park guidelines, along with our own strict rules which keep you safe, the wildlife protected and the environment clean. We try to assure and maintain a high level of ecologically and environmentally friendly standards.

We commit to giving 10% of our jungle trek and tour profits back into the local projects. Another 10% will goes towards continuous training of our guides and staff.


Our Mission

It is our mission to continue to develop Eco-Treks and community-based ecotourism in North Sumatra. To provide travellers, backpackers and visitors with responsible travel to relatively undisturbed fascinating natural areas.

 Developing community-based ecotourism, our guides, local guides and local people benefit, and of course you, the guest! 


Sustainable EcoTourism is ultimate approach to preserving the environment, safe-guarding its wildlife for a prosperous future for humans and nature! It is our responsibility to help conserve these areas as well as promote them to provide fair income for local people and communities. We strive to cause minimal impact on the environment, local cultures and traditions.

By joining us, you are guarenteed to have a fantastic adventure with our experienced guides

Heri Prayitno

Certified Guide and  Member of the Indonesian Tourist Guide Assosiation (ITGA - HPI

Louise Moore

BSc Animal Behaviours & Environmental Biology

MSc Conservtion Ecology

Our Eco - Treks

Sustainable EcoTourism

The Gunung Leuser National Park, bordering forests and agro-forests have incredible biodiversity, which are all delicately balanced. We are concerned about the footprint that humans can leave.

With proper management and continuous monitoring of these fascinating natural environments, we can preserve it for wildlife, visitors and locals to enjoy for many years to come. 


Sustainable Tourism - Comnunity-based Tourism

Although we are a profit making company, we strongly believe that to be sucessful we need to promote and support local people and communities. We can bring people and guests to these places as part of your holiday or tour, thus giving our own guides and local people a fair income.

We are commited to putting our profits back into local communities to help them grow and preserve their environment. The more guests we have, the more successful our company which is better for the people and communities. So, you the visitor have a happier, more memorable holiday.  

In the long term, if we can continue to grow and help more communities this then makes us more sustainable!

Meet The Team

We have a small team of English-speaking guides in Bukit Lawang, which are all experienced and certified by the Indonesia Tourist Guides Association (ITGA-HPI Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia). They are knowledgeable about the flora and fauna in the jungle and are passionate about what happens to it. Our local guides are extremely knowledgeable about the area they live in and want visitors to explore and enjoy their village and forests.


Arif has been a certified guide for 10 years, working as a freelance Guide. He is compassionate, cares about conserving the jungle and the environment. He is always willing to learn and has interests in birds and plants. 


Imam is a certified Guide since 2011, speaking good English. He has worked with many reputable guesthouses and tour agencies. He is experienced with taking guests on long treks (+4 days) and has good knowledge of plants


Is Heri's uncle. For many years he worked taking the rubber from rubber plantation at Batu Kelinci. He has good knowledge of the area and the animals. He can only speak a few words of English, but understamds more 


Dony is an old friend of Heri. He started working as an assistant guide in Bukit Lawang 5 years ago, but now works in Tangkahan. His English is good and has good knowledge and connections with local people in new tourist destinations


Joe is an experienced guide working in Baty Katak. He speaks good English. Joe also works with Harimau Conservation and has a special interest in the Titum arum found around Batu Katak


Robert is our local guide in Pelaruga. He speaks a little English, but he knows the rivers and waterfalls very well. Robert is very attentative and takes great care of you. 


Lukmal is a neighbour and friends who owns a car and provides transport for us. He speaks little English but he's a lovely, happy guy


Mira is a young lady from a local village who speaks excellent English. She loves nature and is environmentally conscious. She provides our Eco-walking Village Tours

Sumatra EcoVentures Partners & Friends

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