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Day  Treks

Suitable for anyone with limited time or is a first-timer in the jungle. These treks are suited to families with young children and anyone that is not physically fit for longer treks

Trekking in the Gunung Leuser National Park in Bukit Lawang

The terrain in the National Park around Bukit lawang is mountainous so trekking involves some uphill/downhill hiking, but there are many rest points along the way. Your guides stopping to allow guests to drink and eat seasonal ripe fruits…....You will never go hungry in the jungle! 


The main trekking trials are already well established and are easy to follow, visitors just have to watch out for stumbling on tree roots. Most visitors (locals and westeners) come to view the ex-captive Orangutans in their natural habitat, as well as catch a glimpse of the fast swinging White-handed Gibbons or a black Siamang Gibbon. These Orangutans are already used to human presence in the jungle so chances of seeing them is quite high, as well as other wildlife, such as, Thomas-Leaf monkeys, Long-tailed Macaques, Short-tailed Macaques. Last year, the GLNP authority finished building the new canopy trail. The canopy walkway rises 30-40m above the ground allowing visitors to view the surrounding tree canopy and feel what it’s like to be in the trees. More recently, a tree house locally known as ‘rumah pohon’ has been built, sitting 20m high in the trees so visitors can view the surrounding landscape and wildlife. However, these new attractions might attract more local visitors and during high season trails can already be busy, with many groups surrounding one orangutan. But as we offer Eco -trek (see below) and trekking in other areasour guests can avoid the crowds.

1/2 day trek - beginners jungle trek 

An introduction into the Gunung Leuser National Park, highlighting the main animals, plants and trees in the jungle. It is designed for anyone short on time or first time experiencing the jungle. It is also suitable for families with young children or for anyone who does not feel as though they have the physical capabilities of a full day trek. Although this trek is only roughly 3 hours chances of seeing an ex-captive Orangutan, Thomas-leaf monkey and Macaques is high as they are used to human presence. Other animals you might see are White-handed Gibbon, Siamang, Great Argus and monitor lizard.


During the trek guests will be shown any medicinal plants growing and shown any trees, plants and insects of interest. Don't hesitate to ask question along the way.... our guides are always happy to answer!

Trek Highlights

Cost:   IDR 578,000 p/p (minimum 3 persons*) or option Tube Rafting back extra €10 *see below

Duration:      3 - 4 hours

 Start Times: This half day trek can start in the morning from 7am up to 2pm

Included:    Guides, permit and registration fee, fresh seasonl fruit

Group Size:   2 - 6 people

Fitness Level: Low

What to bring:

rucksack with large bottle of water, comfortable trainers/ walking boots, camera, suncream, insect repellent, any personal meditation 


Animals likely to see:

semi-wild orangutans, thomas-leaf monkey, long & short-tailed macaque, great argus, if lucky Gibbons 

1 day trek - welcome to the jungle 

A full day trek in the Gunung Leuser National Park exploring the jungle. Guests will get a impression of what a rainforest is like and the plants and animals living within it. It is a bit more challenging with more up and down hill tracks, but there are plenty of rest points. Guests will have more of a chance to seeing Orangutans and many of the other common animals like, Thonas-leaf monkeys (endemic to Sumatra) and Short-tailed and long-tailed Macaque monkeys. Guests may even encounter the fast swinging White-handed gibbons or the largest gibbon, the Siamang or even the Great Argus, Sumatrans pheasant.

Whilst walking through the jungle, your guide will point out interesting trees and tropical plants and will explain about many things in the jungle. During this 6 hour trek, there will be plenty of time to rest and take in the jungle surroundings or even walk across the canopy walkway. At lunchtime, your guides will find a suitable spot at the top of the mountain to sit, rest and eat the simple delicious local lunch. After lunch you will start the slow decent down the mountain to the river whilst still looking for wildlife. At the river, your 'jungle taxi', a rubber tube raft (if chosen option) will be waiting to take you down the river to your guesthouse. A great way to cool down and relax after your trek!

Trek Highlight

Cost:           IDR 743,000 p/p (or option Tube Rafting back extra €10 *see below

Duration:          6 - 7 hours

Start Times:      7am - 9am

Included:      Certified Guides, permit and registration fee, fresh seasonl fruit, lunch

Group Size:       2 - 6 people

Fitness Level:   Average/ Good

What to bring:  rucksack with large bottle of water, backpack,comfortable trainers/walking boots, camera, suncream, insect repellent, swimming clothes, any personal meditation

Animals likely to see:

semi-wild orangutan, thomas-leaf monkey, short & long tailed macaque, great argus, hornbill, tortoise, monitor lizard

Tube Rafting - 'Jungle Taxi'

Feeling hot and tired after your jungle trek?...... For just an extra 10 euros per person, why not enjoy the traditional 'Jungle Taxi' back to your guesthouse. Tube rafting is a great way to cool off and relax whilst your Guide steers the tube raft through the river and rapids.
You get to sit back and enjoy the scenery!

Eco - Treks from Landak River
Landak River is located 4km South from the main touristic area of Bukit Lawang. Batu Kelinici and Batu Kapal sit close to the clean and slow flowing Landak River and overlook the beautiful mountains of the Leuser National Park. Altough the forest is fragmented and many of the large canopy trees have been cleared, it does not mean that there is no wildlife. These secondary forests are hidden on and within huge rock formations. This area is a unique environment rich in biodiversity where wild Orangutans live along with many bird species, butterflies, insects, small mammals and other monkeys, such as the Silver leaf Monkey (Trachypithecus cristatus). It is peaceful, tranquil and allows for a real wild experience without any established trails like Bukit Lawang. It is scarce of tourist and with a small population of wild orangutans, they can been seen in peace. This is an Eco-trek, all the animals are wild and behave naturally, so this trek is about  observing at a distance and enjoying the forest. Because these forests are fragmented they are a delicately balanced ecosystem which we want to preserve. Our Eco-treks were formed to provide income for local people that live in the area by using them as guides. We also only take between 2-3 people maxium on these Eco-treks as we do not destroy the environment and we also restrict the amount of days we enter these forests.
1/2 Day Eco -Trek

A 3 -4 hour trek in the fragmented forests at Batu Kelinci. Suitable for anyone wishing to explore something a little different and see wild orangutans and Silver leaf monkeys. It is also a great option to follow after having done a trek in the Gunung Leuser National Park in Bukit Lawang. Guest have the choice to walk (about 40 minutes) or take a motobike ride to Landak River. This will take you through small scale agricultural land, rubber and oil palm plantations which your guide will be happy to tell you about. On arriving, guest will see the mountains of the Leuser National Park and the beautiful Landak River, where you will get a sense of the peacefulness.

The trek will start will a small hike through a rubber plantation before entering the hidden towering rocks and forests. Your search for wild orangutans * will begin. During this short trek you are likely to see Thomas-leaf monkeys and long-tailed Macaques, as well as many interesting plants and insects. Your trek will finish by cooling off and relaxing at Landak River.

Trek Highlights

Cost:                IDR 350,000 per person (motorbike ride extra idr 20,000

Duration:           3 - 4 hours

 Start Times:      This half day trek can start in the morning from 7am or 4pm

Included:            1 Guide, fresh seasonal fruit

Group Size:         1 - 3 people

Fitness Level:      Low

What to bring:    rucksack with large bottle of water, comfortable trainers/ walking boots,

camera, suncream, insect repellent, any personal meditation, clothes for swimming

Animals likey to see:

wild orangutan, thomas-leaf monkey, Silver-leaf monkey, long & short tailed macaque, many birds, butterflies


* if there are 2 or 3 persons joining this trek and want to take motorbike ride, they have to pay extra for the motobike ride. The cost for return motorbike ride is idr 75,000 p/p

1 Day Eco-Trek

A full day exploring the rock and forests near landak river, searching for wild orangutans *. 

Decide whether to walk (40 minutes) or go by motobike to Landak River where views of the slow flowing peaceful river and the mountains of the Leuser National Park can be seen. From here the trek will begin with short uphill trek through a rubber plantation to the hidden rocks and forests behind at Batu Kelinci. Your trek will take you down into the hidden forest, where you will struck by the towering rocks and massive over-hanging rock. You guides will take you along the rocks and through in search of a wild orangutan. It can be quite strenuous but the guides will take good care off you and help you clamber across. Huge straggling fig roots cling to the sides of the rocks. There will plenty of chance to rest and take in the sounds of the forest and singing birds.

The trek will bring you back up along the ridge where its likely to see Thomas-leaf monkeys and Long-tailed macaques. Depending on the time,  lunch will be eaten under the cool rocksor you will head to the river.

After lunch, the trek will take you through rubber plantations and agro-forest until you reach Batu Kapal (ship rock). You will continue to look for orangutans as well as other animals. Your trek will finish by walking to landak river for with a swim and relax before returning to Bukit Lawang.

Please Note:

The orangutans that live in these forests and around this area are wild. They are generally used to the local people who take the rubber or fruits from their land, because the majority of the local people in this area ignore them. The orangutans are not fed by humans, but they do come onto local's land to feed on the wild fruits. 

Although we regularly check and monitor the area for Orangutans, it is not 100% that guests will see them. They are sometimes resting in the trees sitting on top of the rock, so it hard to see them. However, if an orangutan is spotted then we ask guests to be quiet and not stand underneath where the orangutan is, as they are known to break branches and throw them to the floor. If guests watch and sit quietly, then the Orangutans do tend to settle.

Thank You :)

We look forward to taking you to explore and see the wild orangutans!!

Trek Highlights

Cost: IDR 600,000 per person (with motorbike extra idr 25,000)

Duration:           6 - 7 hours

Start Times:       7 am

Included: Guide, local guide, seasonal fruit snack, lunch

Group Size: 1 - 3 people (minimum 2 persons)*

Fitness Level: Low

What to bring: rucksack with large bottle of water, comfortable trainers/walking boots, camera, suncream, insect repellent, any personal meditation, sarong, clothes for swimming

Animals likey to see:

wild orangutan, thomas-leaf monkey, Silver-leaf monkey, long & short tailed macaque, many birds, butterflies

* If a solo person want to take this 1 day eco-trek they need to pay half the price of a second person, so idr 250,000. If there are 3 people joining this trek and all want to go motobike, the third person will need to pay for the motorbike ride. Return motorbike ride idr 75,000.

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