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We are commited to responsible travel and supporting local people and projects as a social enterprise

ROAR Project


We are proud to respresent this project and Louise be the project Co-ordinator. This project was formed because of the rubbish and plastic issues in North Sumatra.

This project is already working with local people and empowering them to clean their own village. Recently, the project has partnered with the Bukit Lawang Care group in Bukit Lawang. Formed by some of the guides, who want to make a change and do something positive within the village. We are assisting and supporting them with regular litter picking in Bukit Lawang and surrounding areas.

Bukit Lawang Care Commnuity has a group on facebook, you can join and follow their actvities.

ROAR Project - North Sumatra


To be plastic bottle free in Bukit Lawang tourist centre and to reduce the amount of single-use plastic in the community. To start a recycling system in Bukit Lawang.

How we will do this?

Work alongside and support guesthouses and cafe in Bukit Lawang

Provide reuseable water bottles with logo

Provide gallon pumps to all that want to participate

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Recycling Scheme

With Bukit Lawang Care we aim to start a recycling scheme in Bukit Lawang. By educating the team about recycling, what rubbish needs to be separated, the mission to is get all guesthouses, warungs, restaurants to join the scheme. With the rubbish being separated, it will be collected by Bukit Lawang Care. Partnering with Erna's Eco-Farm and Eco-brick Education Centre who will help to develop the collection process. Organic waste will go to Erna's EcoFarm for compost and for now, all plastic will go to Eco-brick Education Centre to make Eco-Bricks and used for other projects.


Project Wings, from Germany is supporting the scheme through fund-raising. This organisation has plans to build the first Eco-brick village, using the eco-bricks made from the collected rubbish in Bukit Lawang. It will be open to the community, provide information of local projects and have a recycling depot with a plastic machine.


As Sumatra EcoVentures is based in Bukit Lawang, through the ROAR project our aim is to oversee the running of the scheme by Bukit Lawang Care and supported by Project Wings. 


Sumatra EcoVentures has many up-coming ideas, focusing on helping solve the rubbish issues in Bukit Lawang, female sanitary hygiene, and building the first true Eco-Sustainable guesthouse 

Eco-Brick Project


Sumatra EcoVentures is going to put 10% of our profits from jungle trekking & tours towards community based projects. One initiative we would like to start is to form a group of ladies which will make eco-bricks in Bukit Lawang Perumahan village which we will then buy to use as part of an Eco-friendlt guesthouse.


Rubbish and plastic is a real problem in Perumahan village, with no recycling system and rubbish collection. Only just recently a new incentive where rubbish bins were given to households who are willing to pay each month, to have their rubbish collected once or twice a month. However, many of the households do not have a rubbish bin as they likely can not afford the monthly fee. Also, many people and children will still throw rubbish on the ground after buying an item and using.

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Our aim to is get a community of ladies together in Perumahan to learn about the impacts of plastic packaging on the environment, how it does not degrade and how some of it can be reused and be made into Eco-bricks. We will then purchase these Eco-bricks for 5,000 rupiah each. These Eco-bricks will go towards building an Eco-friendly Guesthouse and Yoga Studio. 

Eco-Friendly Build 


Sumatra EcoVentures has plans to build a Homestay with bungalows and Yoga Studio in the beautiful area of Landak River. The traditional way of building with wood is not always sustainable in this climate, so we are looking at other materials that are more sustainnable and eco-friendly. One of this is to use Eco-bricks which solves many of the problems here in Bukit Lawang. It helps to reduce the amount of plastic going into the environment, being burned or going to landfill, and it provides works and an income for local ladies and hopefully children can be involved as well. 

Compost Toilets

There is no sewage system and majority of builds here dig cess pits to collect human waste and most waste water runs out into drains or channels into the environment. This is something that we do not want happening on our land, as we do not want to pollute the water source or the ground. We are currently looking into compost toilet systems, which uses natural processes of decomposition and evaporation to recycle human waste. The small amount of by-product will be used in garden and around trees.


Rain water collection

During the rainy season, there can be a lot of rainfall in Sumatra and we feel we should make use of this. Within this build, we would like to collect rain water, to store and use in periods of drought. 


We Need Your Help

As there is nothing like this type of build in North Sumatra, we are looking for like-minded people to join us with knowledge and skills. Sumatra EcoVentures is hoping to set up a workaway program where people can join us and be involved in this amazing project.


If your interested in learn more or have any knowledge in these areas, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at

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