Forests at Landak River

Located just 4km from Bukit Lawang, but unknown to many foreign tourists. The fragmented karst forests are less explored but wild orangutans inhabit and other interesting wildlife. Join us to explore this amazing place

Landak River is located just 4km South from the main touristic area of Bukit Lawang. Although there are a couple of guesthouses nestled along the river, it is still scarce of tourists.
Batu Kelinici and Batu Kapal sit close to the clean and slow flowing Landak River and overlook the beautiful mountains of the Leuser National Park. 
The area was once covered in virgin forest, but some areas were cleared of large canopy trees and other areas completely cleared for monoculture rubber and oil palm plantations, thus leaving fragmented areas of forests. However, this does not mean that there is no wildlife. These secondary forests are hidden on and within huge rock formations. This area is a unique environment rich in biodiversity where wild Orangutans live along with many bird species, butterflies, insects, small mammals and other monkeys, such as the Silver leaf Monkey (Trachypithecus cristatus).
The land here is geologically interesting with towering limestone cliffs, rock formations, cave networks with dangling lianas and straggling fig roots. What a great place to explore!
Our Responsibiltiy
It is peaceful, tranquil and allows for a real wild experience without any established trails. Because these forests are fragmented they are a delicately balanced ecosystem which we want to preserve. Treks here are eco and sustainable, using local people as guides. This gives them an income and an incentive to protect the area. 
We also only take between 2-3 people maxium on these Eco-treks as we do not destroy the environment.
We offer a few trekking options to see this beautiful place including an over night stay in a local guesthouse or camping in the forest under the rocks. Want to combine natural beauty, nature with adventure.... then join our adventure trek. These treks are suitable for individuals and couples, and would suit anyone with reasonable fitness.
If your looking for something a little different from the classic treks in Bukit Lawang and want to contribute to conservation: then this is your place!
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Our Eco - Treks

Join this 1/2 day tour or full day with lunch to discover all the different habitats and wildlife along Landak River. Walk through monoculture rubber and oil plantations and learn about the local agriculture and spot birds.


First stop, to see the Tualang tree, known locally as the 'King Tree', as its one of the tallest tropical trees species, towering about 50m. Then you will walk up river to spot butterflies, birds, dragonflies and other insects. Here you will meet a local guide who will then take you into the hidden forest at Batu Kelinci to see the incredible rock formations and the wildlife that lives amongst it. Hopefully here you will spot a wild orangutan.


Walking along the rock, the local guide will point out any footprints in the mud. You can rest under a huge over-hanging rock to spot any birds feeding and take in the forest sounds. You will visit a large straggling fig tree. You will make your way through the rocks until you reach the rubber plantation and back down to the track. The half day tour finishes here and you will make your way back to Bukit Lawang.

If your on a full day tour, you will make your way to the river to relax, swim and eat lunch.  After lunc, you will walk up river again to see more beautiful butterflies, spot any silver-leaf monkeys and Bee-eater birds often seen taking midges from the river. Along the way your guides will point out intersting plants, trees and medicinal plants.


This trek is slow paced so wildlife can be spotted and pictures can be taken.

Trek Highlights

Cost: IDR 350,000 - 550,000 per person

Duration: 4 - 6 hours

Start time: 8am

Included: Local guide, guide, fruit. (lunch incl. in full day)

Group Size: 1 - 3

Fitness Level: low

What to bring: rucksack with water, comfortable shoes, swimming clothes, camera, binoculors, insect repellant, suncream

Possible Wildife sighting:

thomas-leaf monkey, long-tailed macaque, wild orangutan, silver-leaf monkey, wild orchid, squirrel, birds, butterflies, monitor lizard, spiders

1 Day Adventure Eco-Trek

Looking for natural beauty, wildlife and the thrill of an adventure? ..... then this Adventure trek is for you!

The trek will begin at the Bat Cave. Enter the picturesque cave with dangling lianas which opens into the first cavern. Admire the stalactites and stalagmites, whilst walking into the complete darkeness. 


Climb through small crevices and over limestone rocks to the other 2 caverns where many bats hang from the ceilings. There are 2 species of bats that live in this cave. Your guide will guide you through the cave to the last cavern, taking about 1 hour.


After exiting the cave you will walk (or motorbike ride) through rubber and oil plantations before arriving at Landak River, which is where your adventure continues. Hike through a rubber plantation to the hidden rocks and forests at Batu Kelinci where you may get to see a wild orangutan. Rest under Umbrella cave before clambering through and over the rocks. Clamber up the side of one of the huge rocks to sit on the top!


Once down, your guides will take you to the river to cool off, relax and eat lunch. After lunch your trek will continue onto the famous Batu Kapal where the local guide will take you through this amazing cave system, scrambling up and sliding down huge rocks.


Finish with a refreshing swim at landak river.

Trek Highlights

Cost:                 IDR 600,000 per person (with motorbike ride extra 50,000) 

Duration:           6 - 7 hours

 Start Times:       7 - 9 am

Included:         1 Guide, local guide, entrance fee, lunch, fresh seasonal fruit

Group Size:         1 - 3 people (minimum 2)

Fitness Level:      Medium

What to bring:    rucksack with large bottle of water, comfortable trainers/ walking boots, torch, camera, suncream, insect repellent, any personal meditation, clothes for swimming

* if a solo person wants to take this trek then need to pay extra to cover all the costs, please enquire how much. If there are 3 people who want to go by motobike, the third person will need to pay extra. For a return motorbike ride is idr 75,000

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guest taking a hike up one of the towering rock formations at batu kelinci