Bookings and Cancellations


As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has developed across SE Asia and the world, affecting all travel plans, we have started a Booking and Cancellation conditions. We are hoping that this will help you to plan or change any travel plans to Sumatra. These new policies will start from 15th March 2020. Please see below.


New bookings for treks, packages and tours

All new bookings will have to pay a non-refundable deposit for a booking to be confirmed. The rest of the payment for the trip will be paid in cash when you arrive, unless a long tour is being booked.

Cancellation by you

1. If you cancel 21 days or more before your trip, we will keep hold of your deposit and hold it as credit towards another trip up until September 2021

2. If you cancel 1 or less week before your trip we will keep your deposit. This is to cover unrecoverable costs.


Cancellation by us

if we have to cancel your trip, you can choose:

1. If you have paid a deposit, we will hold this on record and it can be used as credit to a future trip in Sumatra. Or

2. You can receive a refund of your deposit, but will keep 5% for any unrecoverable costs.

3. If you have booked a tour and paid 50% deposit toward the balance, we will refund 40% and keep 10% for any unrecoverable costs.


Unrecoverable Costs

- the coronavirus has now been declared a pandemic which means that there could be unavoidable travel disruptions, airline cancellations and a possible lock downs in Sumarta or throughout Indonesia. If this then happens and your trip as to be cancelled then we will suffer from unrecoverable costs from guesthouse bookings, transport etc. As a small company, we urge you to not change your travel plans or cancel any bookings in North Sumatra. If you are really concerned then please message us directly so we can dicusss rescheduling for another time once this pandemic has passed.


Get In Touch

If you have any concerns or queries about travelling to Sumatra, please contact us